Cage Kart Only


375 Flat Head Motor

385 Pro Mod Motor

425 LB S/A Motor

Motor type and weight must be on side of kart to make it easier on tech


  • Senior Champ chassis, NON-SPRUNG only.
  • Grooved tires only.
  • Small Block OHV engines (i.e. Clone 196, Predator 212, Briggs Animal 208) or Briggs Flathead.
  • From six feet away, the engine, unless otherwise noted should appear stock. You may alter anything internally.
  • Fuel tank must be relocated and a pulse fuel pump installed.
  • Carburetor must be of a small block, OHV stock-appearing design  and must be the style of carburetor that comes stock for that engine.  No external epoxy may be used. Choke may be removed from carb. Carburetor must remain in stock configuration and appearance externally. Spacer blocks between the carburetor and cylinder head are allowed. Any throttle mechanism allowed that works with the stock throttle shaft’s bell crank. Remaining stock throttle mechanism parts may be removed. Briggs Flathead may run any carburetor.
  • M1 Methanol only or equivalent top lube OK. No performance enhancing additives.
  • A full aluminum plate must be bolted to the top of the engine to mount fuel pumps and/or throttle mechanisms.
  • Pull starter may be replaced with a flywheel cover and any electric starter nut may be employed.
  • Any air filter and/or air filter adapter is legal.
  • Any header is allowed.
  • SFI-certified flywheel required.
  • No welding or addition of material of any kind (e.g. epoxy) to the head, side cover, block or carb. No block or cylinder head spacers allowed. Crank Case Breather OK.
  • Billet side cover and valve cover spacer Is allowed.
  • No Blockzilla or Jr. drag engines.
  • Cage kart body only.